Information Checklist for Business Tax Returns

(Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs, Sole-Proprietors) 

• Please provide all year end tax reporting forms.  The most common are:

  • Forms 1099

            - Interest Income
            - Dividend Income
            - Miscellaneous Income from Rents, Royalties, Nonemployee Compensation
            - Sales of Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate

• We will also need:   

  • Inventory at year end (if applicable)
  • Accounting records:

            - If you are using QuickBooks, please provide a backup copy (accountant’s copy preferred.) 

            - If you are not using QuickBooks, please contact us.

  • Bank statements for all business bank accounts
  • Business credit card statements for the tax year
  • Statements reflecting year end loan balances
  • Loan agreements/documents dated within the tax year
  • Lease agreements/documents dated within the tax year
  • Payroll tax returns for the year (W3, W2s, 941, and state forms), if not prepared by our firm
  • A list of assets sold, junked, donated, etc. during the year
  • Invoices to support equipment, vehicles, furniture, etc. purchased during the year, including financing agreements
  • Details of any new company owned life insurance policies
  • A list of officers and their titles if any changes were made during the tax year

• New Clients:

  • A copy of last year’s tax returns
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Employment agreements, buy/sell agreements, partnership agreements, etc.
  • Details of existing company owned life insurance policies
  • Details of company sponsored retirement plans

Download Checklist for Business (PDF)

Additional information may be requested during preparation of your tax returns.​

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